Peter Bright - debris - painting in oils - 2003 - 2005 - sold to broomhill Art hotel


Peter Bright @ the
NORTH DEVON ARTS Annual exhibition
'New Year, New Work'

15th January - 18th March 2006

Debris - oil paint on canvas

2003 - 2005

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This Painting was sold at the NDA Annual Winter Exhibition at Broomhill Art Hotel - February 2006. Contact the gallery on:(UK) 01271 850262.

(Photo and review: Ros Osborn.
North Devon Journal March 2006)



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(Photo and review: Ros Osborn.
North Devon Journal March 2006)

Statement: There are various ways of making work to recipes,each becoming a question of process and discovery, controlling chance. Taking paint as the main ingredient,arranging colour with simple brush strokes, dragging or pouring paint across the surface to reveal a vast range of effects. The act of painting can be reduced to its most simple and material elements, new materials can be discovered and played with......Is this really painting?..... what is the process/purpose of the creation? Behind the rhetoric and bullshit there must be a reason....otherwise YCRE8 in a prescriptive manner.

Review: NORTH Devon is fast becoming a hotbed of creativity and a magnet for talented artists. Indeed one of the area's highest profile art groups is having to replace its usual winter exhibition at Broomhill with three consecutive shows due to rapidly increasing membership. North Devon Arts' second show consists of a lively and creative display of works ranging from the striking abstract paintings of Peter Bright and Liz Willis to the more representational landscapes and prints of Tim Saunders and Emily Garnham Wright. It includes powerful and dramatic photography by Dave Green who bases much of his work upon the theme of caves............. 2006